The Northwestern Naturalists' Union


The Northwestern Naturalist (current series).
With two (formerly three)  issues published each year, this publication carries original articles, items of news and general interest, together with information on courses, book reviews, etc.
A special feature is its diary of the meetings and field outings of affiliated societies which is intended to encourage wide participation in those activities. Individual members receive a free copy of each issue.
Contents of back copies are being made available on line over time via the links below.
List of articles in past issues.
Copies of back issues.

The Northwestern Naturalist (old series)
The Northwestern Naturalist has undergone a somewhat interrupted publication history. The first series was published between 1926 and 1948 and was followed by two further series, one from 1953 to 1954 and the other (in A4 stapled format) from 1961 to 1998.
The current series dates from 1999.
Copies are archived at The Natural History Library at Gallery Oldham (formerly Oldham Museum)
A series of excerpts from the original series is available on line via the following  link.
Excerpts from the Original series